Lucas warns again how China threatens US technology

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Oklahoma congressman Frank Lucas has again expressed growing concern about China’s intent on dominating the semiconductor industry and how it is a growing threat to American competitiveness.

At a recent House committee hearing that focused on “Ensuring American Leadership in Microelectronics,” the ranking Republican on the Committee on Science, Space and Technology spoke out about the harm the Chinese Communist Party could pose to the country.

“The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has made it clear that it wants to dominate the globe in key technology areas, and part of their strategy is to increase China’s share of the semiconductor market through both investment and acquisition,” said Lucas. “U.S. technology companies obtain as much as 90 percent of their semiconductor chips from Taiwan, a huge risk given the geopolitical situation in the region.”
Lucas noted the progress made by the CHIPS for America Act, which was referred solely to the Science Committee and passed in the FY21 NDAA. However, he emphasized the need to take action on funding the bill soon.
“Yesterday marked two weeks since the Democratic Leaders of the House and Senate announced that there will be a conference on the Senate-passed United States Innovation and Competition Act (USICA) and the innovation bills that our Committee carefully crafted and passed a bipartisan basis. Unfortunately, we are still waiting on the details of that conference. Chairwoman Johnson and I are ready to go. We’ve been ready to go for months,” professed Lucas.
“It’s time for leadership to move forward on a bipartisan conference of all of the Committees of jurisdiction. The Senate bill included significant funding for the CHIPS Act. While I think there are still details to work out on what exactly that funding should look like, time is short to address our future domestic chip needs.”
He told other committee members that congress needs to act now because the nation’s competitors are not waiting.
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