North Dakota reaches record number of producing wells


Those Oklahoma energy companies carrying out oil and gas exploration in North Dakota helped the state reach a new all-time high of 17,041 producing wells.

The North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources released the figures this week in its newest oil and gas production report.

The Minot Daily News reported the new figures are for the month of September.

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The new high number of producing wells is for September, the most recent numbers available.

In August, the state had 16,956 producing wells.

North Dakota produced 1,113,410 barrels of oil a day or 33,402,299 barrels in September. In August, the state produced 1,107,359 barrels of oil a day or 34,328,132 barrels, according to the report.

The price of crude on Tuesday was $74.75 for North Dakota light sweet and $80.88 for West Texas Intermediate.

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