Lankford warns some energy steps could come back to haunt us

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Is the US headed for even higher energy prices because of its green movement?  Oklahoma U.S. Sen. James Lankford thinks so and he warns that what is happening in Europe with higher energy prices and frequent blackouts is the “ghost of Christmas future” for us.

Taking a cue from Charles Dickens’ 1843 novella A Christmas Carol, the Senator wrote recently about his energy concerns and the best strategies to improve the country’s critical energy infrastructure.

“Because of rapidly increasing inflation and the assault on traditional energy, Oklahomans are already paying more for gasoline, diesel, and natural gas. Experts predict, particularly this winter, Oklahomans are likely to pay skyrocketing prices for electricity and natural gas to heat their homes,” said the Senator in a note to constituents.

He pointed to President Biden’s plan this week to join US celebrities and climate-activist elites from around the world to make new pledges at the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference in Scotland. The Senator said he too is personally committed to being a good steward of the planet, “But the problem with international climate change conferences like this is that progressives come back with bold ideas for how the US can “lead” in climate change and emissions cutting, which ends up meaning higher costs on American families and small businesses and very limited changes in the actual environment.”

Lankford said while Biden proposes new green corporate giveaways and climate penalties, China and India continue to aggressively increase pollution.

“Oklahoma is a national leader in energy diversity. But there is a technological and economic limit. We cannot get ahead of the innovation. Europe faces real energy challenges right now because of their over-reliance on certain energy sources,” added the Senator.

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Source: Lankford release

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