November 22, 2021 archive

Completion reports for November 22, 2021

OKFUSKEE COUNTY 3fearns Llc Mississippian(3682): Oil 3 Gas 1 Water 75 Pump 7 12N 9E Kilpatrick 1-6h, September 17, 2021 HH, OIL, TD: 9063 ft Lat: 35.53615, Long: -96.39477 API: 35107235590002 STEPHENS COUNTY Camino Natural Resources Llc Sycamore(8200): Oil 476 Gas 512 Water 2712 Flow 26 1S 4W Sundance Kid 0104 26-35-1mxh, June 23, 2021 HH, OIL, TD: 18700 ft Lat: 34.44605, Long: -97.58113 API: 35137276180001

Permits to drill for November 22, 2021

Garvin County BUTCH CASSIDY 0103 #28-21-1MXH, November 22 2021 28 1N 3W SWNESESW API: 04925356 Lat: 34.52369887666439, Long: -97.52072799065863 CAMINO NATURAL RESOURCES LLC MU, DR, 15950 ft, SYCAMORE(7635), MISSISSIPPIAN UNDERTHRUST(7808), WOODFORD(7974), WOODFORD UNDERTHRUST(8708) Grady County SCR #4-31X6H, November 22 2021 30 4N 5W NESESWSE API: 05124885 Lat: 34.78408794959588, Long: -97.76085188912762 GULFPORT MIDCON LLC MU, DR, 25758 ft, …

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Oil made a comeback–as did Oklahoma energy stocks

  After losses last week, crude oil prices rebounded in Monday’s trading. So did most Oklahoma energy stocks. West Texas Intermediate crude for January delivery, the U.S. benchmark rose 65 cents to $76.65 a barrel in trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Global benchmark Brent crude for January delivery went up 81 cents and …

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Helmerich and Payne to retrieve rigs out of storage

  Helmerich & Payne CEO John Lindsay says the demand for new oil and gas drilling rigs is growing so much that his Tulsa-based company will have to reactivate some of its long-idled rigs to satisfy demand. It’s what he and other company leaders recently said according to a report by Natural Gas Intelligence. As …

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House members want faster response to truck drivers shortage

  Congressman Frank Lucas has urged Labor Secretary Marty Walsh to do more about the nationwide truck driver shortage and its effects on the country’s supply chain challenges. He led more than 60 House members in sending a bipartisan letter to Secretary Walsh asking him to prioritize Labor Department Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act grants to those …

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Devon helps fund southeast New Mexico fire departments

  Oklahoma’s Devon Energy is making sure local fire departments in southeast New Mexico have equipment and funds they need to respond to emergencies. The company recently donated to six fire departments in Lea County as part of the company’s commitment to supporting emergency responders in its operating areas. “Emergency responders are the backbones of our communities and regularly put their …

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Texas Railroad Commission identifies freshwater deep aquifer

  Oil and gas exploration in Texas is being credited with the discovery of a deep aquifer that could be a source of large volumes of freshwater in the southwest region of the state. The Texas Railroad Commission announced geologists identified and mapped the aquifer in and around Eagle Pass, a semiarid region of the …

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Western grouse rules could impact Oklahoma drilling ventures

  In a move that could affect Oklahoma energy companies and their oil and gas exploration in Wyoming, the Biden administration plans to consider new measures to protect greater sage grouse, a bird species with the highest population in the state. Wyoming leaders say such moves will possibly limit or create more restrictions for drilling …

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Energy news headlines for Tuesday

** Biden’s $1.7 trillion Build Back Better bill probably won’t get handled by the U.S. Senate until the second week in December because the Senate has yet to finish its defense policy bill and a bill to fund the government past Dec. 3. ** The Coast Guard named another ship as a party of interest as …

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Midwest opposition grows to biggest ever carbon capture project

  It’s billed as the world’s largest carbon capture and sequestration project—the $4.5 billion, 2,000 mile pipeline network throughout the upper Midwest. But opposition is reported to be growing too. Bloomberg reports the Midwest Carbon Express would be capable of storing up to 10 million tons of carbon dioxide a year, slashing the emissions of …

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