November 8, 2021 archive

Completion reports for November 8, 2021

completions: none were processed today

Permits to drill for November 8, 2021

permits: none were processed today

SandRidge to release 3Q results on Tuesday

  Third quarter financial results will be made known Tuesday by Oklahoma City’s SandRidge Energy, Inc. as investors wait to learn if the company improved on its second quarter results. The report will be made public after the close of trading later in the day and the company will follow up with a conference call …

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Crude oil makes a comeback–so do Oklahoma energy stocks

  Crude oil prices are making a slow return to higher levels following losses from last week and rose more than half a dollar in Monday’s trading. At the same time, Oklahoma energy stocks made gains too. West Texas Intermediate crude for December delivery went up 66 cents to settle at $81.93 a barrel in …

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Cheapest electrical rates in the US are in Oklahoma

  Oklahoma has some of the cheapest electricity in the country according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The state’s 2020 average cost of 7.63 cents per kilowatt hour wass 50th in the U.S., just slightly higher than the 7.51 cents per kilowatt hour by 51st ranked Louisiana. The EIA says the highest prices are …

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Tar Creek Trustees invite public to comment on draft restoration plan/environmental assessment

  The public is getting a chance to review a proposed $8 million plan to restore Oklahoma’s notorious Tar Creek Superfund site. The Tar Creek Trustees announced they are seeking comments on what is known as the Draft Phase 1 Restoration Plan/Environmental Assessment of the heavy mining area of northeast Oklahoma. The draft was drawn …

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So much for ‘warm’ weather in Oklahoma

  Enjoy it while you can—the warm weather in Oklahoma. It’ll come crashing to a cold end at mid-week according to Oklahoma Climatologist Gary McManus who marveled at the weekend high temperatures. “HOLY FLOUNDER, BATMAN! Yeah, not the same oomph, but did you see Beaver hit 90 degrees yesterday? (Sunday) Goodness, what does that make Ward …

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“Exit fee” proposed by ONG for departing customers

  A report by HuffPost says Oklahoma Natural Gas wants to charge customers who switch to electric stoves and heating systems a nearly $1,400 “exit fee” to disconnect gas service. The report suggests if it’s allowed by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, a proposal being heard by an Administrative Law Judge, it might set a precedent …

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Colorado regulators consider easing $2 million fine

  After being hit with a proposed $2 million fine for a “pattern of violations,” involving leaks and spills, oil and gas company K.P. Kauffman might get off with a lesser punishment. Colorado Public Radio reports state regulators now are softening the penalty and have ordered Kauffman to focus on cleanup of its leaks and …

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Energy headlines for Tuesday

** The Biden administration will consider energy-price data coming out Tuesday as it weighs measures to stem high gasoline prices, including tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said. ** The projected cost of Dominion Energy’s wind turbine project off Virginia’s coast jumps nearly $2 billion to $9.8 billion. ** All 12 federally recognized tribes in …

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