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Permits to drill for October 29, 2021

permits: none were processed today

Huge EV tax credits part of Dems spending plan

  Even though the Democrats’ spending proposal has been slashed from $3.5 trillion to $1.75 trillion, its proposed big boost to electric vehicles in the form of large tax credits might also be opposed by Oklahoma’s Republicans in congress. Rep. Markwayne Mullin argued in September against the Build More Inflation Act that it was a …

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Headlines of other energy stories

** Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said any world leaders warning that fighting the climate crisis would damage the economy were “liars” or “stupid.” “All of these countries that come and give speeches, ‘We are not going to go and lose jobs because of going green.” ** Former Vice President Al Gore called on the world to “say …

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Is Texas ready for a repeat of the February winter storm debacle?

  It’s the question asked not only by millions of electrical customers in Texas but state leaders and regulators as well—-is Texas prepared for a possible repeat of the deadly storm that hit the state in February 2020? Some don’t seem too worried but others contend the state is far from being prepared reported Bloomberg. …

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Completion reports for October 28, 2021

CANADIAN COUNTY Devon Energy Production Co Lp Woodford: Oil 764 Gas 8586 Water 1836 Flow 2 12N 9W Miller-miller 2_11-12n-9w 1hx, August 17, 2021 HH, OIL, TD: 22172 ft Lat: 35.54924, Long: -98.12393 API: 35017256450000 CARTER COUNTY Mack Energy Co Deese: Oil 1 Water 242 Pump 1 2S 3W Sw Wildcat Jim Deese Unit 3-3, September 28, 2021 DH, OIL, TD: 4881 ft Lat: 34.40661, …

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Permits to drill for October 28, 2021

Grady County LEMIEUX BIA 0506 #3-26-23WXH, October 28 2021 35 5N 6W NWNESWNW API: 05124877 Lat: 34.86598249050107, Long: -97.80837937880196 MARATHON OIL COMPANY MU, DR, 22536 ft, MISSISSIPPIAN(14268), WOODFORD(14618) Wagoner County SIMON #18, October 28 2021 35 17N 16E NENWSENE API: 14523434 Lat: 35.912132640726824, Long: -95.56760383190878 PETRON ENERGY INC SH, DR, 900 ft, DUTCHER(790) Woods County MCCAMMON #2-31, …

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Crude oil unsure about gains and losses

  After suffering losses on Wednesday, crude oil prices managed a weak rebound on Thursday in the US but not in Europe. While one went up the other went down. West Texas Intermediate crude for December delivery went up 15 cents or 0.18% to settle at $82.81 a barrel in trading on the New York …

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Causes of February storm’s natural gas shortages still debated

“—gas just simply wasn’t available and/or gas prices were too high…” A U.S. Senate committee was told this week there were lots of causes for the February winter storm loss of electrical power in Oklahoma and other states that make up the Southwest Power Pool. But the hearing made it clear, the problems that nagged …

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Gasoline hits $3.02 average in Oklahoma

  Spooky rising gasoline prices are catching up with Oklahoma as Halloween approaches and 64 of the state’s 77 counties now have averages at $2.98 all the way up to $3.26 a gallon. Yet, the statewide average is still the lowest in the region. Only 13 counties have price ranges less than $2.98 a gallon …

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What! Winter-like weather around the corner?

  Oh oh. Maybe winter-like weather isn’t all that far off in Oklahoma. Thursday’s strong winds and lower temperatures gave us a slight taste of cooler weather. But—– “Don’t be shocked if we start talking about wintry precip across far NW OK as we get later into next week. Nothing too crazy showing up yet, but …

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