Other energy stories

** President Joe Biden will restore two sprawling national monuments in Utah that have been at the center of a long-running public lands dispute, and a separate marine conservation area in New England that recently has been used for commercial fishing. Environmental protections at all three monuments had been stripped by former President Donald Trump.

** A massive cargo ship made a series of unusual movements while anchored in the closest spot to a Southern California oil pipeline that ruptured and sent crude washing up on beaches, according to data collected by a marine navigation service.

** Oil and gas companies have asked the Canadian government to design a tax credit to pay for 75% of the cost to build carbon capture facilities that will curb greenhouse gas emissions, the country’s main energy industry group said.

** Beijing has reportedly ordered China’s coal mines to boost output as an energy shortage across the country has seen millions of homes and businesses hit by power cuts in recent weeks.

** Puerto Rico’s public power company plans to declare a state of emergency to speed up repairs of aging plants that have repeatedly left tens of thousands of customers without electricity and spurred protests.

** Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz directs state transportation and agriculture directors to review changes that could reduce the state’s carbon footprint by limiting the use of transportation fuels. 

** Navy officials waited 10 months to report an oil pipeline leak at Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor because they worried it would jeopardize the fate of their underground fuel facility, internal documents show.

** Signal Peak Energy agrees to pay $1 million for willfully violating health and safety standards at its Roundup, Montana, underground coal mine.

** The founder of outdoor gear company Patagonia says the U.S. should do away with hydroelectric dams because they are less efficient than wind and solar and reservoirs emit greenhouse gases.

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