Missouri county wind turbine regulations near approval

Boone County leaders schedule public hearings to discuss wind farm regulations - ABC17NEWS


Voters in central Missouri’s Boone County might vote in a few weeks on putting restrictions on wind farm development.

County Commissioners plan to unveil their final proposed regulations including the height of wind towers, potential environmental ramifications and visual impacts reported KOMU TV news.

In June, the county planning commission recommended restrictions to include:

  • Noise from wind turbines cannot exceed 50 decibels during the day or 40 decibels at night.
  • Turbines will have to be built more than 1,700 feet off the nearest public road
  • They will also have a height limit of 355 feet and have at least three blades
  • If damage occurs to a turbine, repairs must be made within 90 days


 Click here for KOMU report
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