High marks for OU and OSU’s green power use

The Top 30 Universities That Use the Most Green Energy as a Percentage of Their Total Power Use - SolarPower.guide


Oklahoma’s two largest universities rank in the top 20 of the EPA’s list of schools for green use power.

The EPA’s Top 30 College & University Partners showed the University of Oklahoma ranked 13th highest for its 122,065,000 kWh used annually in providing power for the school. The green power came from wind farms and amounted to 72% of the school’s total power use.

Oklahoma State University ranked 18th and its annual green power use totaled 88,769,890 kWh which is about 67% of the school’s total power use. It too came from wind farms.

Both OU and OSU declined in green power use compared to July of this year when OU was ranked 12 and OSU 16. In January, OU ranked 11 and OSU stood at 15 nationally.

The University of California ranked highest nationwide for its green power use which was 480,801,183 kWh, but only 46% of the school’s total power use.

The EPA stated that the combined annual green power use of its Top 30 College & University Partners amounted to nearly 3.8 billion kilowatt-hours of green power, equivalent to the annual electricity use of more than 351,000 average American homes.


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