Senator warns Biden not to break campaign promises

Election: Grassley says Trump should give Biden classified briefings


POLITICO reports the Biden EPA is expected to release proposed biofuel blending volume mandates on Friday,

The news group said Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley put the Biden administration on notice that if the 2021 volume level is below the figures of 2020, farmers will remember it at election time.

“If we get a bad RVO out of EPA, the farmers aren’t going to forget it and they are going to blame Biden and [from] the rumors we are hearing, they could even be worse than what we had under Trump,” Grassley told reporters.

It’s believed the EPA might consider retroactively lowering the 2020 biofuel mandates that were finalized in December 2019.

The Iowa Senator said corn and soybean farmers are anxiously awaiting the EPA news release and will blame Biden if he breaks his campaign promises.



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