Energy news in brief

**  Hurricane Nicholas on Tuesday took another swipe at U.S. Gulf Coast energy facilities, cutting offshore oil and gas output gradually recovering from the last storm and disrupting power to onshore pipeline, gas and chemical plants.

** In 14 years’ time, no fossil fuel-powered vehicles will be sold in New York anymore. The state has passed a new law that bans the sale of gas vehicles starting in 2035, requiring all new cars to be zero emission.

** Energy prices in Europe have hit records due to a shortage of natural gas and much lower than expected wind power output, the Wall Street Journal has reported. Some countries have even been forced to restart coal power plants to ensure enough electricity reaches consumers.

** Vermont on Tuesday became the latest state to sue some of the country’s top fossil fuel companies by alleging they misled the public about the impact their products have on climate change. The suit names ExxonMobil Corporation, Shell Oil Company, Sunoco LP, CITGO Petroleum Corporation and other corporations.

** A Canadian First Nation in northern British Columbia said on Tuesday it was trying to force Enbridge Inc to reroute a natural gas pipeline off its reserve lands after the line exploded in 2018, causing residents to flee their homes.

** Rivian receives the necessary approvals to begin delivering its first all-electric light-duty pickup truck, the R1T.

** China has made a historic decision to sell oil from its strategic reserves, a move that shows how desperate the Communist country is. China’s sudden reversal of its oil-hoarding tendencies comes in response to high energy prices and skyrocketing oil demand.

** The U.S. auto safety regulator said Tuesday it has asked 12 major automakers for assistance as part of its probe into crashes involving Tesla vehicles striking emergency vehicles while using advanced driver assistance systems like Autopilot.

** The House Energy and Commerce Committee has approved the centerpiece climate change policy of Democrats’ infrastructure and social spending reconciliation package as part of an aggressive push to move the United States away from its dependence on fossil fuels.

**  American Electric Power officials claim President Biden’s signature climate plan would force utilities to transition to clean energy too rapidly and while harming grid reliability.

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