September 15, 2021 archive

Completion reports for September 15, 2021

TEXAS COUNTY Breitburn Operating Lp Morrow Sand: Oil 58 Gas 630 Water 306 Flow 27 5N 13E Hovey Morrow Unit 41-2, April 12, 2021 SH, OIL, TD: 6400 ft Lat: 36.87302, Long: -101.63937 API: 35139243690001 Breitburn Operating Lp Morrow Sand: Oil 58 Gas 630 Water 306 Flow 27 5N 13E Hovey Morrow Unit 41-2, April 12, 2021 SH, OIL, TD: 6400 ft Lat: 36.87302, Long: -101.63937 …

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Permits to drill for September 15, 2021

Garfield County SOUTH WALKER #41, September 15 2021 24 22N 4W SESWNWSE API: 04722477 Lat: 36.365482710020565, Long: -97.57526592020965 M M ENERGY INC SH, RC, 2558 ft, HOY(1053), WREFORD(1214), HOTSON(1404), FORAKER(1608), CAMPBELL(1730), BURLINGAME(2140) Harper County HICKMAN #1, September 15 2021 20 27N 25W CSWNE API: 05920240 Lat: 36.80644475358309, Long: -99.91565256436742 LATIGO OIL AND GAS INC SH, RC, 6800 …

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OK energy stocks jumped as crude oil rose on Wednesday

  Double-digit gains were recorded by some Oklahoma energy stocks as a larger-than-expected drawdown in U.S. crude inventories, including the amount in storage at Oklahoma’s Cushing hub, resulted in a more than $2 a barrel increase in oil prices Wednesday. Analysts also attributed the jump on expectations that demand will increase as COVID-19 vaccination roll-outs …

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Biden warns ‘code red’ for climate in US

  It was at the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, Colorado where President Biden warned it is a critical time for the U.S. in the fight against climate change and a clean energy future. Biden paid his first presidential visit to Colorado on Tuesday. “We’re blinking code red as a nation,” he warned while …

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Democrats’ centerpiece clean electricity climate plan approved by House Committee

  Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee argued against the centerpiece climate change policy of Democrats infrastructure and social spending reconciliation package but in the end, the committee approved the plan that is seen as a push away from the dependence on fossil fuels. The committee, of which Oklahoma Congressman Markwayne Mullin is …

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Crude oil inventories decline at Cushing Hub

  U.S. crude supplies continue their fall according to reports issued by the government and the American Petroleum Institute. The decline included the amount of crude oil held in storage at the Cushing hub in northern Oklahoma. Supplies nationwide dropped by 6.4 million barrels for the week ended September 10 reported the U.S. Energy Information …

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New drilling extends across Oklahoma

  Regulators approve more permits to drill across the state as the oil and gas industry continues its expansion following a retreat caused by the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Beckham County will see drilling by Unbridled Resources LLC which received a permit fore the BLEVINS 16X9-11-26 #1HC, a well to be drilled only a few miles …

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Oklahoma oil leader attacks “coastal elites” over energy policies

  The coastal elites now crafting U.S. budget, tax and social policy are making a terrible error in betting on OPEC+ instead of the hardworking Americans in petroleum-producing states writes Brook A. Simmons, President of the Petroleum Alliance of Oklahoma in Wednesday’s Daily Oklahoman. Writing as a guest columnist in the newspaper, Simmons called it …

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Tax collections reflect improved oil and gas industry in Oklahoma

  As another sign of a rebounding oil and gas industry in Oklahoma, the state reported this week a 20% increase in general revenue fund collections for the month of August. Collections totaled $541.6 million or $91.2 million more than the monthly estimate reported the McCarville Report.   Click here for McCarville Report.

Hyundai partners with two Texas companies over reusable EV batteries

  Hyundai and two Texas companies announced the formation this week of a partnership to test whether spent-up electric vehicle batteries can be reused. The Korea Herald reported the testing will focus on ESS, a giant battery that stores leftover electricity from renewables such as solar and wind power. Click here for Korea Herald.   …

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