Revolution Resources scores big with OKC wells

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One of Oklahoma’s more recently completed well sites with significant production was next to Oklahoma City where Revolution Resources LLC brought in four wells with close to 3,000 barrel a day production.

The four Winterfell 1304 wells, drilled on a single pad at 9 13N 4W in Oklahoma County are located at a site just west of the prestigious Gaillardia housing addition in northwest Oklahoma City. The site is located west of Gaillardia, south of NW 150 street, north of Memorial Road and east of Rockwell avenue.

Combined production was 2,908 barrels of oil a day with the largest well producing 1,078 barrels a day along with 640 Mcf of natural gas. The Winterfell 1304 09-21 2bh had a March spud date and drilling was finished in April with completion made July 20, 2021. Its drilling depth was 18,303 feet in the Hunton.

The Winterfell 1304 09-33 5bh had May spud date and drilling ended the same month with completion on June 13 of this year. Its production was 614 barrels of oil a day and 850 Mcf of natural gas from a depth of 15,641 feet in the Hunton.

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The Winterfell 1304 09-33 3bh was completed June 29 and from a depth of 17,555 feet where production was 588 barrels of oil a day and 505 Mcf of natural gas.


The fourth well, the Winterfell 1304 09-21 4bh produced 628 barrels of oil a day and 610 Mcf of natural gas from a drilled depth of 18,000 feet upon completion June 11, 2021. The well had an April spud date and drilling ended in May.

Continental Resources Inc. filed completion reports recently on a series of 5-wells drilled on a single pad in Grady County at 14 3N 5W  and completed in February 2021. Total combined production from the five Eula Mae wells was 456 barrels of oil a day including 88, 33, 25, 168 and 142. Gas production was more significant from the wells located near Cox City and included 9,745 Mcf, 9,322 Mcf, 7,511 Mcf, 5,272 Mcf and 8,311.



With at least 30 oil and gas rigs in operation as of this week, more permits to drill have been approved by state regulators.

Paloma Operating Co. Inc. has a permit to drill in Canadian County. So does Travis Peak Resources LLC.

After striking it big with several massive producing series of wells in Kingfisher County, Ovintiv USA Inc. has intentions to do more drilling in that part of the STACK.

It was plans for a 3-well site at 17 17N 9W or about 4 miles southwest of Loyal where the Garms 1709 wells will be drilled.



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