Rep. Hern says the nation’s true leaders are back home—not in Washington DC


Tulsa congressman Kevin Hern spent nearly three weeks back in his first congressional district and took part in dozens of meetings.

One was with management and workers at the Midwestern Manufacturing & Pipe Line Products company in Tulsa. Their discussions focused on the importance of U.S. manufacturing and American energy independence.

Rep. Hern held other meetings with civic groups, police officers, firefighters, medical institutions, veterans, ag leaders, the local press and even the Tulsa Drillers.

“The people at home are the true leaders of our nation” said Rep. Hern in a released statement.

He said the country is at a crossroads where citizens have to decide who has earned trust and respect.

“ Who has earned the right to lead and influence our communities? Parents, pastors, teachers, small business leaders, civic organizations, local governments, or Washington D.C.? We have reached the point where we must ask ourselves if there is a sphere of society where we don’t want the federal government to dictate terms. People in D.C. would like you to think they are the smartest people in the world, but I know better.”

Source: Hern press release

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