Oklahoma regulators continue handling historic February storm gas bills


The historic winter gas bills and their impact on utilities in Oklahoma remain an issue being handled by Corporation Commissioners.

At least two such requests for assistance in delaying any pass through of the costs of natural gas to consumers are on the agenda for the Wednesday meeting of the commission.

Public Service Company estimated its winter storm costs in February soared to $650 million and is asking for a regulatory mechanism to reduce the cost impact to customers and “protect the financial integrity of PSO.”

Panhandle Natural Gas is one of the latest to join the list of utilities wanting help from the regulators. In its filing, the firm asked for special regulatory treatment in order to defer passing along exorbitant costs to its customers.

Panhandle explained it does not have power to influence prices paid for natural gas and also does not make a profit on the cost of the natural gas.

“Unless the certain regulatory measures referenced below are taken, the higher prices currently prevailing in the market, which PNG is obliged to pay, will be flowed through directly to PNG’s customers on a monthly basis,” stated PNG in its filing with the commission.

The commission will take up the issues during a 1:30 p.m. meeting on Wednesday.

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