New law requires Oklahoma regulators to file natural gas report



As of Dec. 1 of this year, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission will be required to report on recommendations to the legislature about the ability and appropriateness of natural gas utilities to buy, transport and deliver renewable natural gas to customers.

Gov. Kevin Stitt recently signed Moore Rep. Mark McBride’s House Bill 1815 into law.

The mandated report also is designed to address a recommendation for the state’s renewable fuel standard or goal to more proactively promote biogas, renewable natural gas and hydrogen as solutions for reducing methane emissions and other environmental problems.

The report also will detail future reporting requirements for all producers so the Commission can report progress annually to the Legislature.

“We’re hoping to learn the cost to ratepayers for the recovery and delivery of each type of renewable fuel, as well as the infrastructure buildout that might be needed” McBride said. “This report also will show us what educational materials will be needed to get information to Oklahomans about the positive environmental impacts and benefits of each fuel source.”

Sen. Kim David, R-Porter, majority floor leader in the Senate and the Senate author of the bill, offered this comment on the legislation being signed into law.

“Oklahoma is an energy state—this is our heritage,” David said.  “”By studying the utilization of emerging technologies to access additional sources, we ensure the role of energy in our future.”

Source: House press release

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