Wind helps set renewable production record at Southwest Power Pool


A record was set last week at the Southwest Power Pool and it didn’t have anything to do with a power crisis, a storm or rolling blackouts like those experienced by Oklahomans during the February winter storm.

On Sunday, March 14, the Power Pool set a renewable penetration record of 81.39%, breaking the previous record set less than a week earlier.

The new renewable penetration record was reached at 5:29 am, surpassing a previous record of 80.3% set March 9 when the grid also reached a wind penetration record of 78.9% according to S&P Global Platts. 

This was the same wind production that failed during the February storm because many of the wind turbines were frozen. As a result of the failure, the SPP resorted to the rolling blackouts.

Click here for more from S&P Global Platts.

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