PSO joins campaign against scams


National Consumer Protection Week is underway and as a member of Utilities United Against Scams, Public Service Company of Oklahoma joined this weeklong advocacy campaign to educate customers on how they can guard against falling victim to imposter utility scams.

In 2020, PSO received 437 calls from customers reporting an attempted scam.  It is unknown how many attempted or successful scams went unreported.  To keep from falling victim to a scam, PSO reminds customers to be aware of the four common signs of an imposter:

  • A caller claiming to be with PSO demanding an immediate bill payment
  • Insisting on a specific form of payment, such as a pre-paid debit card
  • Asking for personal or account information
  • Providing an unfamiliar 800 or 888 number

PSO advises any customer who suspects they are being scammed to immediately hang up and then call PSO to verify the status of their account and to report the attempted scam.  The number to call PSO is 888-216-3523.  For more information go to the PSO website:

Source: PSO press release



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