New Mexico’s Democrat Governor wants her state to be exempted from Biden’s anti oil and gas moves


While she is a Democrat and a supporter of President Biden, New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan also thinks her state should be exempted from the administration’s new anti-oil and gas policies.

She’s worried about possible revenue losses for her state which is home to part of the massive Permian Basin that brought in millions of dollars in revenue for New Mexico.

Lujan sent a letter to Biden this week praising him for his “global climate change” actions but also at the same time claimed her state had already taken steps to increase its renewable energy industry and increase emission and waste standards for the oil and gas industry.

Reuters reported Gov. Lujan did not directly ask the president for an exemption or waiver.

“We ask that our state-level efforts to combat climate change and ensure more responsible oil and gas development be considered and that New Mexico be granted energy transition credit as you chart a path forward on climate change and oil and gas leasing in particular,” Lujan Grisham wrote in the letter.

Click here for the Reuters story.

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