Gasoline prices level off in the past week


Gasoline prices in Oklahoma and across the nation started showing signs of stability in the past week after weeks of daily increases at the pumps.

Oklahoma’s average of $2.67 is only one cent higher than a week ago while the national average held steady at $2.88 for the last five days. The prices at the pump in Oklahoma are still 30 cents higher than one month ago and far higher than the $1.74 average one year ago.

The cheapest gasoline in Oklahoma is found in the Panhandle where Cimarron County drivers pay an average of $2.45. The highest average is $3.03 in Greer County in the southwest.

Oklahoma City’s average of $2.60 is one cent lower than a week ago while drivers in Tulsa pay $2.69, seven cents higher than last week. Lawton’s average is $2.56, one cent more than a week ago.

Oklahoma’s average of $2.67 is the same in Kansas and Missouri. Colorado’s average is $2.90 while New Mexico’s average is $2.86.

The average in Texas is $2.63 while Arkansas is at $2.69.


“A dip in demand along with a simultaneous increase in supply and refinery utilization has contributed to slower movement in gas price increases,” said Jeanette McGee, AAA spokesperson. “On the week, 32 states had increases of only 3 cents or less. This does not mean gas prices have hit their peak, but is a positive sign for consumers.”

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