Energy news in brief

** A new lawsuit by Native American and conservation organizations is calling on the Interior Department to put a five-year block on all federal waters leasing for offshore oil and gas development.

** Katherine Tai won unanimous Senate approval to be the next U.S. trade representative on Wednesday, paving the way for her to tackle some of the thorny international aspects of Biden’s climate agenda.

** Enbridge Inc. warned that refiners in central Canada and the U.S. Midwest would see crude supplies cut in half and propane costs surge for some homeowners if Michigan’s governor succeeds in shutting a key oil pipeline that crosses the state.

** Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert invites Interior Secretary Deb Haaland to visit the Bureau of Land Management’s new headquarters in the state before making a decision on moving it back to Washington, DC.

** Washington state environmental groups sue Electron Hydro LLC for polluting the Puyallup River during a construction project last year, alleging the utility violated a federal law.

** A Denver environmental official says cars are a problem for the region, regardless of whether or not they’re electric.

** The Biden administration wants a case dropped defending a Trump executive order reopening millions of acres in the Arctic for oil and gas exploration.

** The president of the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association says the state’s industry is committed to addressing pollution and climate change and hopes to continue to work closely with federal regulators under Interior Secretary Deb Haaland.

** Griddy Energy, the company that drew attention after sending huge electricity bills to customers after last month’s blackout-causing winter storm in Texas has filed for bankruptcy protection.

** The head of FedEx Corp., CEO Frederick Smith on Wednesday told Congress he sees a quick way for the transportation sector to help the environment: longer trailers. Testifying before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, he told lawmakers that federal equipment standards for twin 28-foot trailers haven’t changed since 1982.

** The Energy Information Administration reported that less electricity was generated by coal than by nuclear power in the U.S. in 2020.

** Congressional Republicans complain that hearings on Texas’ recent blackouts don’t highlight problems in California and other “blue” states.

** Share values fall for Ohio electric vehicle startup Lordstown Motors after federal securities regulators open an inquiry into the company’s operations.


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