The Texas wind power failure—wave of the future?


The wind industry and Green Energy advocates took a hit this week when west Texas wind turbines froze in the middle of the Arctic wave that produced zero degree readings in the state—at a time when the wind power was desperately needed to provide warmth for the homes of millions.

The rolling blackouts that came as a result drew the attention of Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson who spent the first 15 minutes of his Monday night show pointing out the fallacy that wind and solar will be a cure-all for the nation’s energy challenges.

Joining him in the criticism of Green Energy supporters such as AOC, President Biden and others was former Energy Secretary and Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Ironically, his interview at the beginning of the show was interrupted when he lost electrical power.

Perry rejoined the show minutes later, explaining that his house was being powered by an emergency generator because the home’s electricity provider was on a rolling blackout—thanks to the frozen wind turbines.

It provided Perry the opportunity to use the circumstances to make his argument that the nation needs a diversity of energy suppliers—wind, solar, oil and gas and nuclear power. Not just one or two green energy sources.

Perry and Carlson argued the case that the ‘great Texas climate catastrophe is heading your way’ if the nation totally abandons the fossil fuel industry and becomes dependent solely on wind and solar power.

Their argument was that green energy means a less reliable power grid and they said the Arctic weather that hit Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas made their point.

Click here to read Carlson’s commentary and view his show.

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