February 15, 2021 archive

Permits to drill for February 15, 2021

Permits to drill filed for February 15, 2021. Because today was a federal holiday, no permits were filed.

Completion reports for February 15, 2021

Completion reports for February 15, 2021. Because today was a federal holiday, no reports were filed.

Winter storm leaves many unanswered questions

    When you consider the definition of the word “planning”, it is pretty simple. “the process of making plans for something.” I believe this week’s severe weather, severe in the fact that it created record cold weather in Oklahoma and throughout the Plains states and resulted in some unforeseen events, raised a lot of …

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Paused rolling blackouts in Oklahoma

  With the Monday afternoon reversal of an order for rolling blackouts, necessary because of a natural gas shortage amidst Arctic-like temperatures in the Plains states, utilities in Oklahoma also put their power interruptions on hold. However, they also warned the hold might only be temporary as extreme cold weather will linger in the state …

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Oklahoma regulators take emergency steps to boost natural gas production

  As rolling blackouts started to hit Oklahoma on orders from the Southwest Power Pool, Oklahoma Corporation Commissioners met Monday to issue an emergency order to increase natural gas production for power generation in the state amidst the Arctic weather. Production had plummeted by 2 billion cubic feet a day. But as they met via …

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Cold weather forces shutdowns of some Texas refineries

  The extremely cold weather that hit the Midwest resulting in minus-zero degree readings throughout several states down into Texas also caused a shutdown of the largest oil refinery in the U.S. Motiva Enterprises LLC stopped operations of its refinery at Port Arthur, Texas because of disruptions of fuel supplies, power and water across the …

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Record low temperatures reported in Oklahoma

  The -22 degrees recorded at Kenton Monday morning tied the lowest temperatures recorded in the state since the Miami Mesonet site dropped to -22 degrees back on Jan. 17, 2018. State Climatologist Gary McManus with the Oklahoma Mesonet reported the -22 in Kenton was also the lowest temperature ever recorded for all Feb. 15ths on record …

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Price gouging statute declared in Oklahoma over storm

Attorney General Mike Hunter reminded Oklahomans looking to do business in the state that the price gouging statute is in effect statewide with the ongoing state of emergency due to the winter weather that continues to impact the state. The Emergency Price Stabilization Act, also referred to the state price gouging statute, prohibits an increase …

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Cold causes 1 million barrel a day drop in Permian production

  Arctic-like temperatures not only left wind turbines frozen in West Texas, but it resulted in a one million barrel-a-day reduction in oil production in the Permian Basin. It also sent oil prices up. Temperatures plunged to minus-one degree in Midland where the reading was the lowest since 1899. As a result, oil production plunged …

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Bill to ban fracking advances in New Mexico legislature

  It faces a long road if it were ever to become law, but a bill is advancing in the New Mexico legislature to ban the issuance of new fracking permits. This in a state with some of the highest oil production in the U.S. Senate Bill 149 won narrow approval over the weekend in …

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