Slight gain in oil and gas exploration seen in Oklahoma


Drilling records made available by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission show renewed interest in the state’s oil and gas fields as oil prices surpassed $53 a barrel.

Several new permits to drill were approved in the past few days, including one to Latigo Oil and Gas Inc. for a well it plans to drill in Beaver County in the Panhandle.

Oklahoma’s STACK will see rigs going up in Blaine County where Kodiak Oil and Gas Exploration Inc. based in Denver, Colorado received two permits to drill.

Kodiak received permits for the WEST YELLOWSTONE #1-25H, which is at 25 19N 10W and the EAST YELLOWSTONE #1-25H,
25 19N 10W. Both are located about 5 miles southeast of Okeene.

Citizen Energy III LLC will drill two more STACK wells on a single pad in Canadian County. Its permit is for the BELLA #2H-32-29 and the BELLA #1H-32-29 wells at the same site  to be drilled at 05 10N 6W which is 5 miles east of Union City

First Ascent Operating LLC, based in Addison, Texas has a permit to drill the  ASCENDER ##2, in Love County at 23 8S 1E . The site is 3 miles north of Thackerville and just west of I-35.

The international Reach Oil and Gas Company, Inc. received a permit for the HAYNES #1-4, to be drilled in Pottawatomie County at 04 7N 5E which is about 2 miles south of the town of Maud. The primary office for Reach Oil and Gas is in Aberdeen, Scotland.

 RKR Exploration of Seminole is going to do some home-county exploration as it has received a drilling permit for the WARD #1, in Seminole County at 26 7N 6E. The well site is several miles south of Bowlegs.
Oklahoma City-based GLB Exploration Inc. obtained a Carter County permit to drill  the WILL’S #1 located at 04 5S 1E, a site southwest of Ardmore.

A permit to drill in Lincoln County was obtained by the Prairie Gas Company of Oklahoma based in Norman to drill the AUGUSTA #1-4H, located about 4 miles east of Chandler and one mile west of Davenport at 08 14N 5E.

Late Friday, more permits were issued including a Latimer County well to be drilled by Merit Energy Company, a well in Love County by First Ascent Operating LLC,  and a Seminole County well permit for Hall Greg Oil & Gas LLC.

Reach Oil and Gas also received another permit for a well to be drilled in Seminole County. AC Operating Company LLC obtained a permit to drill in Tillman County.

Some completion reports were filed in the past few days  including the Vince Gill 1108 10-3-1mxh well located at 10 11N 8W in Canadian County. The well, located a mile southwest of El Reno had production of 265 barrels of oil a day and 3,929 Mcf of natural gas.

It had a Sept. 21, 2020 spud date and drilling was finished in October with completion made Nov. 7, 2020.


Continental Resources filed completion reports on two Mills wells drilled on a single pad at 16 7N 5W in Grady County. The site is several miles southwest of Blanchard.

One had production of 160 barrels of oil and 631 Mcf of gas while the second 178 barrels of oil a day and 554 Mcf of natural gas. Both were completed in August of 2020.


Camino Natural Resources LLC based in Denver, Colorado filed a completion report on the Gus McCrae 01s04w 16-21-1mh well drilled at 9 1S 4W in Stephens County. Located a mile northeast of the town of Velma, the well had production of 423 barrels of oil a day and 561 Mcf of natural gas.

It had a September 2019 spud date and completion was made in September of 2020.


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