Legislation in Kansas and Missouri targets natural gas bans


Eight months after Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed into law a bill blocking cities from banning natural gas, Kansas and Missouri are considering the same move.

Hearings on efforts in the two states are expected to be held soon.

In Oklahoma, House Bill 3619 was signed into law in May of 2020 after it won approval in the House on a 77-16 vote and in the Senate where members voted 38-7.

As the law stated:  No city, town or county shall adopt real estate development building or construction ordinances, rules or codes restricting or prohibiting connections to the facilities of utility providers lawfully operating in this state, nor may any city, town or county discriminate in the adoption of such rules or codes against one or more utility providers based in whole or in part upon the nature or source of the utility service provided.

E&E News reported legislative efforts in Kansas and Missouri contradict efforts of some cities to adopt “clean energy goals.”

Click here for the E&E story.



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