Inhofe on Keystone XL cancellation—a “sad” day


Oklahoma U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe says Wednesday’s cancellation by President Joe Biden hours after he was sworn into office was a “sad” day for the U.S.

“We came so far during the last administration – from prioritizing American energy development to ending the far-left’s war on fossil fuels,” said the Senator in a statement.

Biden’s cancellation came in the form of one of 17 executive orders he signed shortly after delivering his inauguration speech.

Sen. Inhofe, a Republican who supported former President Donald Trump said the pipeline project would have created thousands of jobs in Oklahoma and other states.

He called Biden’s move a “disappointing choice” that will harm the nation’s tremendous progress toward energy independence.

“I am sad to see this decision to continue the failed Obama-era legacy of denying tens of thousands of Americans good, well-paying jobs at the expense of satisfying liberal, “Green New Deal” inspired interest groups,” he added.

“It is a sad day for the future of American energy independence, but I will not stop fighting for legislation and other policies that keep energy costs down and further our energy and national security.”

Source: Inhofe press release

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