Biofuels groups push for higher ethanol levels in gasoline production



As the Wynnewood Refining Co. and the owner of two other small refineries prepare for a biofuels mandate fight before the U.S. Supreme Court, the ethanol industry is pushing for higher amounts to be included in gasoline production.

POLITICO reported the biofuels industry will only be helped by the President’s plan to build a national electric vehicle charging infrastructure while at the same time bringing about reduced gasoline consumption.

Emily Skor, the CEO of Growth Energy, an ethanol trade association told POLITICO, “it’s all about an increasing share of a shrinking tank.”

She said in the short term, it’s moving from E10 to E15 blend. “That’s 2 billion gallons in demand. That would turn us around right there.”

The biofuels groups are lobbing not only for a wider approval of 15% ethanol fuel but the promotion of high fuel efficient engines to increase the demand for ethanol to boost gasoline octane levels.

The Wynnewood Refining company challenged a Denver federal appeals court ruling against a waiver it had sought for an exemption to some of the mandates to force more production of gasoline with ethanol.




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