January 11, 2021 archive

Permits to drill for January 11, 2021

Permits to drill issued on January 11, 2021. Canadian County HUBBARD 1207 #3SMHX-28, February 19 2020 28 12N 7W NWNENESE API: 01725232 Lat: 35.485908962626354, Long: -97.93911662907101 CHAPARRAL ENERGY LLC MU, AM, 17050 ft, MISSISSIPPIAN(9570), WOODFORD(9960) Canadian County HUBBARD 1207 #2SMHX-28, February 19 2020 28 12N 7W SWSWSWNE API: 01725602 Lat: 35.486631939831234, Long: -97.94504173117505 CHAPARRAL ENERGY LLC MU, …

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Completion reports for January 11, 2021

Completion reports filed on January 11, 2021. CUSTER COUNTY Mep Operating Llc 5 14N 14W Squire 1-8-17xh, May 28, 2019 SH, DRY, TD: 1507 ft Lat: 35.71181, Long: -98.70517 API: 35039225400001 OKLAHOMA COUNTY Citation Oil & Gas Corporation 19 14N 4W A.winters 1, October 29, 2020 SH, PLUG, TD: 6955 ft Lat: 35.66928, Long: -97.67184 API: 35109382480000

$52 oil is here and not falling

Crude oil futures in the U.S. managed a one cent increase in Monday’s trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange while overseas, crude prices fell. West Texas Intermediate crude for February delivery finished the day at $52.25 a barrel, maintaining the recent grasp of prices topping the $52 mark. Global benchmark Brent crude oil for …

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More investors sought by ONEOK

    The day ONEOK’s stock saw a $1.30 jump for a more than 3% gain, the company announced intentions to seek more and new investors. ONEOK, Inc. said Monday it will take part in the UBS Infrastructure and Energy Virtual Conference Jan. 12 and 13 The conference is one of more than 300 held …

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Bankruptcy protection sought by Kansas based Ferrellgas Partners

    A month after it said it would file bankruptcy, the Overland Park, Kansas based energy company Ferrellgas Partners, supplier of those Blue Rhino propane tanks took Chapter 11 bankruptcy action this week. The company leadership filed for restructuring with a prepackaged plan with creditors which would allow the firm to refinance $1.5 billion …

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OEPA chairman says legislators and regulators should not ignore oil and gas industry

The chairman of the Oklahoma Energy Producers Alliance suggested that it’s time the legislature and state regulators of the oil and gas industry recognize what has happened to the industry and the state because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And he notes when the industry asked for help, it didn’t get it. In response to questions …

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Drilling permits and completion reports issue resolved?

  We believe the issue is not being able to report the newest drilling permits and completion reports from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission has been resolved. The first of the latest documents, those from Friday, Jan. 8, 2021 were made available on Monday and immediately posted. We appreciate your understanding regarding the matter while efforts …

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Permits to drill for January 8, 2021

Permits to drill issued on January 8, 2021 Mcclain County BLANCHARD SWD #2, July 09 2019 07 8N 4W NESESWSW API: 08722264 Lat: 35.176252044182284, Long: -97.66618283129303 PHOENIX MIDSTREAM LLC SH, AM, 7900 ft, WABAUNSEE(5100), SHAWNEE(6000), DOUGLAS(6900), HOXBAR(7350)

Completion report for January 8, 2021

Completion reports filed for January 8, 2021. KAY COUNTY Mackey Consulting & Leasing Llc 33 28N 5E Lady Jane Swd 33, November 06, 2020 SH, DISP, TD: 2350 ft Lat: 36.85935, Long: -96.77733 API: 35071249210001

Public nuisance lawsuits against oil and gas industry to be heard by Supreme Court

  The EPA biofuel waivers fight waged by Oklahoma’s Wynnewood Refining Co. wasn’t the only oil and gas case that the U.S. Supreme Court said on Friday it would hear. It also agreed to hear a case involving public nuisance lawsuits against oil and gas companies, according to POLITICO. Here’s how POLITICO reported the story: …

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