Utility alerts customers about their electrical line responsibilities


While crews are still hauling off limbs and other debris accumulated from Oklahoma’s October ice storm that left nearly 400,000 customers without power—some as long as two weeks or longer—Oklahoma Gas and Electric is sending a warning to its customers.

The utility is telling its customers that when it comes to repairs of “exterior electrical lines and several connected components on their properties, it is their responsibility.

“If any of these components break down, it would be up to them to find an electrician and pay the repair costs,” said OGE in the note to customers.

The utility explained it wanted its customers to be aware that it has partnered with HomeServe USA Repair Management Corp. which is a provider of emergency home repair programs. HomeServe will offer optional protection plans to OGE’s residential customers.

The utility explained it evaluated the process and determined HomeServe offers the services at what it labeled “an affordable price.”  OGE emphasized HomeServe is “completely optional”.

HomeServe is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

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