Virtual meeting issues dealt with by Oklahoma Corporation Commission


An electric power outage and the resulting shutdown of air conditioning at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s Jim Thorpe building this past week led to issues with the agency’s ability to carry out virtual meetings.

Users were alerted Thursday morning prior to the commission’s regular meeting.

“The computer servers are warmer than they’re supposed to be,” stated Commission Chairman Todd Hiett at the start of the meeting. “That’s the source of the problem.”

During the meeting, the system went silent for a brief period of time. There were also some technical issues as some of the participants attempted to speak to the commission.

Later in the day, the Commission’s Public Information Office sent a list of tips for users of the agency’s Scopia system. It urged users to download the latest version of the app after Sept. 7 and before the next meeting.


Tips for using the Scopia system (phone and computer application users)

  • Register in advance to speak.
    • If you would like the option to speak, you must register for the meeting.
    • A unique link for registration will be sent out with the GovDelivery message for the Signing Agenda.
    • Registration allows the moderator to identify you and unmute your device.
    • If you are not registered, the moderator will automatically mute your device and you will remain muted during the meeting.
  • Call in early, but not too early.
    • The system automatically starts 15 minutes before a scheduled meeting.
    • If you call in earlier than 15 minutes before the scheduled start time, you will not be connected to the meeting.
    • REGISTRANTS: Please call in 10-15 minutes prior to the meeting’s start time, to allow the moderator to identify your name on the moderation panel.
  • Mute your device as soon as you connect to the meeting.
    • Muting your device reduces background noise.
    • Even if the moderator automatically mutes your device, registered users will be unmuted as the moderator matches their name and number/Scopia ID to the registrants’ list.
    • Please remain muted until you’ve been called upon to speak.
  • If you are called upon to speak, use the phone’s handset or use computer headphones with a microphone.
    • The clearest way to hear your voice is through headphones with a built-in microphone, whether on a computer or on a mobile device.
    • Using a handset on a landline phone is also an option.
  • Do not use the speakerphone function when speaking.
    • Using the speakerphone function while speaking creates a feedback loop within the system. 
    • If you use a speakerphone and create feedback, the moderator will mute your device and the chairman will ask you to not use speakerphone before you are unmuted.
  • If you use more than one device to participate, ensure that one is always muted.
    • You may use your computer to watch the meeting while also calling in using a telephone or mobile device.
    • However, one device must always remain muted if you have been recognized and have unmuted the other device to address the Commissioners.
    • If you choose to connect to the meeting with more than one device, and you wish to speak, please ensure you register the device with which you intend to speak. 
    • You may register both devices, if you want a backup option. 

Find participant instructions for our meetings on our website or attached. 



Please feel free to reach out prior to the next meeting to the Office of Public Information if you have questions, or reach out to Theresa Cooper for technical issues.

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