Energy Sector Pullback Pushes Gross Receipts Lower for Oklahoma Treasury

Gross Receipts to the Treasury slipped by almost five percent in August with oil and gas production taxes the primary driver, State Treasurer Randy McDaniel announced on Friday.

August receipts from all sources total $979.5 million and are below collections from August 2019 by $47.3 million, or 4.6 percent. It marks the fifth time since February, the start of the national recession, that total receipts have been less than those of the prior year.

Collections from the gross production tax, the state’s severance tax on oil and natural gas, fell by 46.3 percent, generating $40.7 million, or $35.1 million less than a year ago. Monthly gross production receipts have been less than the same month of the prior year for 12 consecutive months. Over the past 12 months, the gross production taxes generated $736.3 million, a decline of $432.8 million or 37%.

“The gross receipts report provides evidence of the challenges facing Oklahoma’s anchor industry,” Treasurer McDaniel said. “Oil and gas tax receipts have dropped by more than $430 million during the past year. We will likely see a growing ripple effect into other sectors of the economy.”

August oil and gas receipts reflect production activity during June, when West Texas Intermediate crude oil averaged $38.11 per barrel. Prices rose to $42.34 in August, but drilling activity and energy-related employment have continued to drop. July reports show 34,100 oil field employees in Oklahoma, down by 14,400 over the year. Rigs counts were set at 11 in August, a sharp reduction from 80 rigs last August.

Click here to read the Treasurer’s entire press release.

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