Oklahoma regulators to reopen headquarters for in-person hearings


The Oklahoma Corporation Commission has decided to reopen the Jim Thorpe headquarters building this week and hold in-person hearings during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the in-person hearings will be on a limited basis according to the protocols drawn up by the Commission staff.

The protocols will require participants to wear protective masks at all times while inside the building and to complete a COVID-19 screening test prior to the hearing. Those attending the hearing will have an assigned arrival time at the east doors of the Thorpe building and their temperature will be taken by touchless thermometer.

Social distancing rules will be enforced in the Commission’s courtroom. Since not everyone will be allowed to attend the in-person hearing, the hearings and meetings of the commission will continued to be held virtually.

Commissioners finally decided to reopen their hearings to some members of the public after being requested by some companies with pending cases.


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