Legislator wants tax breaks re-examined for OKC Thunder over players taking a knee


Hominy State Rep. Sean Roberts says if Oklahoma City Thunder players take a knee during the playing of the national anthem, then the state should re-examine the tax credit it gave the NBA team.

The Republican lawmaker issued a statement over the weekend, “By kneeling during the playing of the national anthem, the NBA and its players are showing disrespect to the American flag and all it stands for. This anti-patriotic act makes clear the NBA’s support of the Black Lives Matter group and its goal of defunding our nation’s police, its ties to Marxism and its efforts to destroy nuclear families.”

He noted that the state granted the Thunder organization “significant tax benefits” when the team moved to Oklahoma City. The benefits were made through the Quality Jobs Act and Rep. Roberts said the Thunder is still under contract to receive the tax breaks until 2024.

“Perhaps these funds would be better served in support of our police departments rather than giving tax breaks to an organization that supports defunding police and the dissolution of the American nuclear family,” said the legislator.

Source: OK House

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