Democrat leader wants statewide mask policy in Oklahoma


If Oklahoma House Democrat leader Emily Virgin of Norman gets her way, energy workers statewide will be wearing masks because of the COVID-19 virus.

After Arkansas issued a statewide mask policy, she echoed the call, saying it’s what Governor Kevin Stitt should do.

“Governor Stitt continues to declare his support for Oklahoma’s economy, while he does nothing to protect it or our citizens,” Virgin said. “His rhetoric says he wants to avoid another shutdown, but his policy continues to move us closer and closer in that direction.

“More than half the states in the union have implemented a mask policy, and Oklahoma’s governor, who has contracted COVID-19, has said he is ‘not thinking about a mask mandate at all.’  Not at all? Are the lives and safety of Oklahomans not even worth a thought?  “It is absurd for this to continue,” added the legislator.

“The best shot we have at slowing this pandemic and keeping our economy open is implementing a statewide mask policy. Every day that we go without one is a day closer to Oklahoma businesses having to close their doors. It is time to stop talking about leadership and actually show some.”

She did not offer details of her plan for a statewide mask policy.

Source: House of Reps.

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