Annual meeting of shareholders held by Mammoth Energy Services


Mammoth Energy Services shareholders held their annual meeting on Thursday, electing five directors and approving a compensation plan for company executives.

Shareholders attended an in-person meeting in Oklahoma City. Arthur Amron, Arty Straehla, James Palm, Arthur Smith and Paul Jacobi were elected to serve as the Company’s directors until the 2021 Annual Meeting of Stockholders.

Name of Nominee For Against Abstain Non-Votes
Arthur Amron 24,699,119 1,469,344 19,615 6,572,885
Arty Straehla 24,966,401 1,204,564 17,113 6,572,885
James Palm 23,621,247 2,546,945 19,886 6,572,885
Arthur Smith 23,805,387 2,364,176 18,515 6,572,885
Paul Jacobi 24,654,052 1,513,827 20,199 6,572,885
Proposal 2
The Company’s stockholders approved an amendment to the Company’s 2016 Equity Incentive Plan, effective March 1, 2020, to (i) increase the maximum aggregate number of shares included in awards that may be granted to any individual plan participant in any given calendar year, and (ii) impose a limit on the aggregate fair market value of shares included in the awards to such plan participant during such calendar year.
The Company’s stockholders approved, on an advisory basis, the compensation paid to the Company’s named executive officers. The results of the vote on Proposal 3 were as follows:
For Against Abstain Non-Votes
25,442,668 701,055

Source: SEC filing

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