New Mexico environmentalists boast of political wins over “Big Oil”

Environmentalists are celebrating election wins in six New Mexico Senate districts, saying they prevailed over candidates favored and heavily supported by the oil and gas industry.

In a commentary entitled “Grassroots candidates beat Big Oil,” the Sierra Club claimed that people across New Mexico not only continued to “confront the systemic racism plaguing the country,” but also “made an emphatic statement in favor of candidates committed to moving New Mexico forward.”

“New Mexicans voted for clean air and water, for clean energy, and for progress for people rather than corporations,” said the Sierra Club. The club referred to Siah Correa Hemphill, Pam Cordova, Carrie Hamblen, Brenda McKenna, Neomi Martinez-Parra,  and Noreen Kelly.

The Sierra Club maintained that with other “progressive and social-justice organizations,” who joined “in an unprecedented—and successful—effort to take on Big Oil-funded incumbents who put corporations over people” it came out on top.

The club contended Chevron spent more than $700,000 on a Texas-based PAC backing the incumbents and a Republican-allied PAC “pumped thousands of dollars at the last minute into deceptive robocalls and mailers.”

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Source: KRWG Public Media

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