May 9, 2020 archive

Gulfport Energy reports 1Q loss of $517 million

Gulfport Energy Corporation in Oklahoma City reported it lost $517 million in the first quarter of the year despite reducing total long-term debt by nearly $80 million and improving its drilling efficiencies. The company reported its net loss of $517.5 million amounted to $3.24 per diluted share and its adjusted net income was $16.6 million …

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$20 million loss reported by Panhandle Oil and Gas

  Oklahoma City-based Panhandle Oil and Gas reported a $20 million net loss or $1.21 a share in the quarter ending March 31, 2020 on top of a non-cash impairment of $29.5 million. The $20 million loss caused a continuing hit on the company’s net income which a year ago was a loss of $1.9 …

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Alabama joins Oklahoma in protecting pipelines from protesters

    A move started three years ago by the Oklahoma legislature to protect energy pipelines and projects from protesters saw another state adopt similar efforts this week. Alabama lawmakers this week advanced legislation to add new criminal penalties to nonviolent protests against pipelines and other fossil fuel projects, setting a course to become the fourth state to …

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