Energy news in brief

** New Mexico Republicans issued warnings about the dangers of dependence on oil and gas during a debate on the state’s main budget bill.

** Arizona’s governor is expected to sign a bill barring cities from imposing natural gas bans in new buildings.

** Proposed legislation in Wyoming would impose new low-carbon electricity generation standards, encouraging utilities to equip coal-fired power plants with carbon capture systems to reduce emissions.

** Colorado Gov. Jared Polis’ policy director is to head a new office created to help communities and workers transition from coal as plants and mines close.

** A Colorado bill aims to establish a renewable natural gas standard requiring large gas utilities to source a percentage of the fuel they supply from renewable resources.

** Environmental groups are suing the U.S. Bureau of Land Management over plans for a gas field in Wyoming they say would endanger antelope in Grand Teton National Park.

** Developers say areas off California’s Central Coast deemed compatible with U.S. military operations wouldn’t have enough space to create a viable offshore wind market.

** A Minnesota bill would require utilities to study whether they could save money and slash carbon emissions by running coal plants less often.

** A solar developer presents details to a Nebraska planning commission for a planned 8.5 MW solar farm.

** South Dakota regulators approve a permit for a planned 110 MW solar farm to be built on Oglala Lakota land.

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