Energy news in brief

** President Donald Trump has proposed selling 15 million barrels of oil from the U.S. emergency stockpile as part of his fiscal 2021 budget plan. The proposal, which requires approval from Congress, would use the proceeds of the sale to fund certain Energy Department activities, including the environmental remediation of an oil field in Elk Hills, California, that was once owned by the government.

**The Virginia House and Senate passed sweeping energy legislation Tuesday that would overhaul how Virginia’s utilities generate electricity and, supporters say, move the state from the back of the pack to the forefront of renewable energy policy in the United States.

** Utilities are missing opportunities to reuse coal ash, according to the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners.

** Proposed legislation in Iowa would encourage renewable and energy efficiency projects at elementary and secondary schools.

** Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon vows to protect and promote the state’s coal, oil and gas industries during his State of the State address, noting that stopping coal mine closures is a priority.

** Wyoming utilities and industrial customers continue to be sharply divided over a state bill requiring any utility retiring a coal plant earlier than scheduled to make a good faith effort to find a buyer.

** Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak sent a letter to President Trump commending him for backtracking on further development of Yucca Mountain as a national radioactive waste repository.

** A candidate for California’s state senate thinks the state should create an oil extraction tax and dedicate most or all of the proceeds to early childhood education.

** A Washington columnist says worn-out wind turbine blades need to be recycled, not landfilled.

** New Mexico’s Department of Information Technology announced the development of a $5 million fiber network offering advanced broadband services to businesses in the Permian’s Lea County.

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