Cleanup plan revealed at abandoned Kerr McGee refinery in Cushing

The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality plans to reveal a plan at a public hearing this month on cleaning up contaminated ground water at the former Kerr-McGee refinery site in Cushing.

A public hearing will be held Jan. 23, 2020 at 6 p.m. in the Cushing City Hall.

Greenfield Environmental Multistate Trust LLC is the current owner of the former refinery and responsible for performing environmental actions as approved by DEQ. The Multistate Trust proposed the current remedy and will be implementing the cleanup actions chosen by DEQ.

DEQ encourages public comment on the proposed plan.  The comment period is open from January 16 through February 16.  Public comments may be presented at the public meeting or submitted to Todd Downham at the Department of Environmental Quality, 707 North Robinson Ave., P. O. Box 1677, Oklahoma City, OK 73101-1677, or via email to

The proposed plan and feasibility study report, along with additional site documents, are available for review at the Cushing Public Library, located at 215 North Steele Avenue, or at the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, 707 North Robinson in Oklahoma City. You may also request those documents by email at:, or they can be viewed online at:

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