Thanksgiving Holiday gasoline prices were higher than a year ago

True to form as predicted by AAA Thanksgiving holiday gasoline prices were lower than last year’s holiday prices. But not in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma’s average of $2.27 a gallon  on December 1 was two cents cheaper than a week ago but still 12 cents more than what drivers paid at the Thanksgiving Holiday of 2018.

The nationwide average was $2.59, same as a week ago and 11 cents more than a year ago.

The highest average in Oklahoma was in Harmon County in the southwest where Hollis is the county seat. Gasoline prices average $2.60 a gallon. Drivers in northwest Oklahoma can expect to pay only slightly less or about $2.50 per gallon and above. One lone exception is Major County where Fairview is the county seat and the average gasoline price is $2.25 a gallon.

The cheapest gasoline prices are in the northeast. Tulsa and Okmulgee counties have identical averages of $2.16 a gallon.

Oklahoma City gasoline prices average $2.24 a gallon, a penny less than a week ago. Tulsa prices average $2.19, or 5 cents cheaper than last week.

Oklahoma’s average of $2.27 compares to $2.32 in Kansas; $2.80 in Colorado; $2.49 in New Mexico; $2.24 in Texas; $2.29 in Arkansas and $2.24 in Missouri.



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