“Our financial house is in order”—-Treasurer Randy McDaniel

Oklahoma Treasurer Randy McDaniel is out with his November economic newsletter highlighting the positive outlook given by Moody’s for the state’s economy.

“The state’s improved fiscal condition is being recognized nationally,” stated McDaniel in the newsletter. “Our efforts to increase reserves, eliminate structural deficits, improve pension
finances, and diversify the state’s economy are working.”

Moody’s pointed to a number of positive trends for the state, including a return to structurally balanced budgets.

“Our financial house is in order and we are poised to strengthen our position in the months and year ahead,” added McDaniel.

The newsletter also includes a spotlight on financial literacy and how the soaring student debt is keeping people from a stable retirement.

There is a story about the October gross receipts to the treasury and how they show growth in Oklahoma. However, the state’s jobless rate rose slightly in October.

Click here to view the newsletter.

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