More rigs going up in Oklahoma


Energy companies are still getting permits to drill for oil and gas in Oklahoma.

The latest includes two permits to Camino Natural Resources to drill wells in Canadian County. The Geronimo 1207 #6-5 WH will be drilled at 31 1N 7W which is at the north edge of El Reno. Camino’s second well is the Mark Price 1007 7-18 #1WH which will be drilled at 06 10N 7W or 3 miles southwest of Union City.

Continental Resources Inc. obtained permits to drill in Carter County at a site 3 miles southeast of Ratliff City. Two Bryant wells will be drilled on a single pad at 06 2S 2W.

In Garvin County, Red Rocks Oil and Gas Operating LLC will drill the J-B Roberts #1-17 well at 17 4N 3W which is 2 miles southeast of Lindsay.

SNR Northern Oklahoma Operating LLC obtained a permit to drill the Wyckoff #33-4 well at 33 25N 1E in Kay County. The site is about 5 miles northwest of Marland.

Chesapeake Operating LLC received a permit to drill in Kingfisher County at a site 5 miles northeast of Dover. The Eugene 29-8-06 #1HC is at 29 18N 6W.

Chesapeake also will drill the Beverly 27-17-7 #3HC at 27 17N 7W or four miles north of Kingfisher.

Citation Oil and Gas Corp. will drill the North Basin #2-13HW at 13 1N 5W or 6 miles north of Velma in Stephens County.

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