Have drilling efforts stabilized across Oklahoma and the U-S? Rig counts are steady

Oil and gas rig counts in Oklahoma and the rest of the U.S. went unchanged over the past week, perhaps a sign that the decline in rig numbers has come to an end.

Oklahoma’s count remained unchanged at 50 compared to the 140 working rigs reported last year at this time. Across the U.S., the count was unchanged at 799 with the number of oil rigs increasing by four to 667 while the number of gas rigs dropped by four to 129.

But the U.S. rig count is still 272 less than the 1,071 reported at this time in 2018 with the number of oil rigs down by 206 and the total in gas rigs down by 69.

Of the oil plays, Oklahoma’s Granite Wash which extends into the Texas Panhandle finally has one rig seeking new energy. For the past few weeks, the GW was void of any rig activity, compared to the14 reported one year ago. The Ardmore Woodford has no reported rig activity while three rigs are active in the Arkoma Woodford.

Two rigs are drilling in the Mississippian play. The D-J Basin in Colorado dropped by one to 20 rigs while the Permian Basin remained at 400. The Williston in North Dakota was unchanged at 52.

Of the oil and gas producing states in the region, the count in Texas stayed at 400 rigs while North Dakota continued at 50. New Mexico’s count dropped by one to 102 and Louisiana stayed at 56. Colorado’s count slipped by one to 22. Wyoming dropped two rigs to reach 27.

The Red Top Rig Report published by the Independent Oil and Gas Association in Wichita reported the Kansas rig count dropped by one to 28.

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