Energy news in brief

** Mooney Aircraft has closed its plant in Kerrville, Texas and laid off workers due to poor airplane sales. The company was founded in 1929 but delivered only 14 aircraft in 2018 and eight through the third quarter of this year.

** An investigation by California state government found a neglected PG and E transmission tower was to blame for the 2018 Camp Fire that killed 85 people. It will likely make the company’s emergence from bankruptcy more difficult.

** Wyoming’s top utility regulator says regulators should “ask tough questions about carbon capture” before closing coal-fired plants. It comes as Gov. Mark Gordon confirmed the US Energy Department will partner with the University of Wyoming to speed research on carbon capture technology at two of Wyoming’s coal-fired power plants.

** Utah residents are urged to take public transit, and wood-burning bans are in place as a pollution-trapping inversion takes hold over the next several days.

** Minnesota-based Cargill commits to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in its entire supply chain 30% over the next decade.


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