Chemical plant fires still burn in South Texas

Fires are still burning at the Port Neches chemical plant and officials are warning area residents not to touch debris for fear it might contain asbestos.

Officials are worried of possible asbestos exposure from debris blown by the explosion at the TPC plant. TPC officials say while the fires are still burning, they are contained.

A mandatory evacuation of thousands of nearby residents was lifted last Friday by Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick.

Eight people injured in the blasts were treated and released, Branick said. Three of the injured worked for TPC, a company spokesman said.
TPC has not yet said what caused the explosion. It could take several months before the cause is known, Branick said.
The initial blast happened around 1 a.m. Wednesday at the TPC Group plant off Highway 366. The facility is approximately 95 miles east of Houston.
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