Solar farm to supply electricity to Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Work continues on a five-megawatt solar array to supplement the electrical supply in the City of Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

The solar array, located north of Scottsbluff includes more than 14,000 solar panels that will track the sun throughout the day. It’s expected to be online sometime in the first quarter of 2020.

It’s the second solar project in the community for Nebraska Public Power District. The first one, a 128-kilowatt array that went into operation in 2017, is located at the Scottsbluff NPPD offices on South Beltline Highway according to the Scottsbluff Star Herald newspaper.

Traditional power generation costs about $58 per megawatt to produce at the wholesale level. Because solar power comes in at a lower rate, it will help lower the overall cost of electricity for NPPD consumers.

The average home will consume about 1,200 kilowatts of electricity per month, depending on usage. Residents will be able to purchase that equivalent amount of solar electricity once the new array is operational.

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