Rig count slips nationally but grows by one in Oklahoma

The latest oil and gas rig counts show the national trend is still sliding downward as the nation’s count dropped by eleven in the past week to reach 806. In Oklahoma, the count grew by one to reach 52, a weak showing in light of the 146 active rigs reported one year ago this past week.

The national count included a loss of 10 oil rigs, reaching a level of 674. The number of gas rigs dropped one to 129. Compared to one year earlier, the national count is 276 below the 1,082 reported last year at this time including 214 fewer oil rigs and 65 fewer gas rigs.

Oklahoma’s count compares to 408 in Texas where the count declined by five. A year ago, there were 535 rigs actively seeking new energy in Texas.

The Red Top Rig Report from the Independent Oil and Gas Service in Wichita reported the Kansas rig count grew by two to reach 30 while one year ago, there were 49 rigs.

Colorado’s count dropped one to reach 23 while the number in Louisiana slipped by two to 564. New Mexico added one rig to reach 105 while North Dakota’s count slipped one to reach 50.

Wyoming’s count decreased by two to 30.

Of the oil plays, the Ardmore Woodford in Oklahoma has no rigs seeking energy this week. It dropped by one last week to reach a zero level. The Arkoma Woodford remained at three. The Mississippian in Oklahoma and southern Kansas added one rig to reach three.

The Permian Basin count dropped four to 408 while the Williston in North Dakota saw its count slip by one to 51. The D-J Basin in northern Colorado saw its count slip one to 21 while the Eagle Ford in South Texas stayed at 60.

The Granite Wash in western Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle still has no active rigs while a year ago, there were 16.

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