5,500 barrels of oil a day from Grady County multi-well site

Four wells drilled on the same pad site near the central Oklahoma community of Bridge Creek are producing nearly 5,500 barrels of oil a day for Houston’s EOG Resources Inc.

The Texas company recently filed completion reports showing combined production of 5,466 barrels of oil a day from the site located 3 miles northeast of Bridge Creek in Grady County.

The Livingston 0112 wells are located at 12 9N 5W and had spud dates in May and July of this year. Drilling finished on the wells in June and July and all four had completions made in July 2019.

The biggest producer was the Livingston 0112 6h with 1,728 barrels a day and 2,004 Mcf of natural gas according to its completion report. The well had a drilling depth of 19,999 feet into the Woodford formation.

The Livingston 0112 5h had production of 1,466 barrels a day and 1,469 Mcf of gas. Its completion report showed the well had a depth of 19,922 feet.

The Livingston 0112 7h, according to its completion report had production of 1,455 barrels of oil a day and 1,808 Mcf of natural gas. Its depth was 19,771 feet and also in the Woodford formation.

The last well, the Livingston 0112 8h showed production of 817 barrels of oil a day and 1,036 Mcf of gas. Depth was 19,977 feet according to its completion report.

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