Pipeline opponents have pointed questions for Democratic presidential candidates

Bold Nebraska, the environmental group that arose in opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline a few years ago now is asking some pointed questions of the Democrats who want to be President.

The main question, according to Bold Nebraska’s latest emailed release is, “Will you reverse President Trump’s reckless, unilateral action to approve a permit and stop the Keystone XL pipeline?”

The group is critical of President Trump for his March 2019 Executive Memorandum that granted a permit for TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL tarsands export pipeline project.

“U.S. Presidents are not empowered to write up proclamations that give Big Oil a free ride, and bypass our nation’s bedrock environmental laws written to protect our water, land, clean air and a livable climate,” wrote Bold Nebraska founder Jane Kleeb.

“While Bold and other landowner, environmental and Indigenous groups have filed new challenges to Trump’s illegal KXL pipeline permit in federal court, we are asking the 2020 Democratic presidential contenders to pledge now to revoke Trump’s unprecedented, unilaterally issued permit for KXL,” she stated.

Her organization is asking Democratic candidates to revoke the permits and restore a true climate test for further review by federal agencies on the project and all new energy projects.

“We further ask candidates to end eminent domain abuse, and to honor our treaties with sovereign Tribal Nations,” professed Kleeb.

“The President of the United States should stand with the sovereign rights of Tribal Nations, the property rights of farmers and ranchers in rural communities opposed to the pipeline, and everyday Americans who care about a livable planet for our grandchildren who have been fighting together to stop KXL for nearly ten years.”


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